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The full range of VM modules, delivering an enterprise solution for complete control

Deployed as Virtual Manager Enterprise:

"An exceptional solution"

Virtual Manager (VM) is an interactive environment where 2D and 3D visual information can be shared via any device (desktop or hand-held) with an internet connection.

Created for an inimitable within the global oil and gas industry, this data and model-viewing hub creates a collaborative onshore and offshore environment, resulting in exponential improvements in interface management.  It increases constructive cross-discipline communications. workflow, productivity and improves virtual training.

As a live cloud solution, information is available globally in real time enabling management to make the right decisions with confidence in a timely manner.


It is a working hub for six modules, which can work solo or as a suite. to for Virtual Manager Enterprise.  Used individually, these modules are powerful business-enhancement tools.


Each module provides total integration with existing systems as well as the ability to operate independently.


Deployed as Virtual Manager Enterprise, they provide an exceptional solution for economics, efficient safe operations.   


Used separately:

"A powerful tool"

Do the following apply to you:

You have planning and scheduling issues and want to make vital improvements

You have planning and scheduling issues and want to make vital improvements

Vital time and money is being lost due to an increased shortfall in materials - do you want to start improving your margins?

You need the added assurance joints won't leak on start-up

Reclaim considerable control over what progress has been made on the project - now is the time with VME 

The clock is ticking: know exactly when to commission the completed work