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An interactive environment that allows teams to share 2D or 3D visual information in a simple and accessible way, from any computer or mobile device

• VM Work Pack

• VM Material Manager


• VM Joint Integrity

• VM Progress Tracking

• VM Completions


Virtual Manager Enterprise (VME) is a collaborative environment for improving interface management that provides a virtual environment for project planing and execution. 

Using the unique break down structure developed by MODS Management, information is linked to individual items and accessed through a simple user interface


This information hub provides total integration with existing systems as well as the ability to operate independently. As a live cloud solution, information is available globally in real time enabling management to make the right decisions with confidence and in a timely manner.

VM is the working hub for all six modules. Modules can be added individually to client needs or used together they form VM Enterprise, a truly unique and powerful tool for the oil and gas industry.


VME improves communication and cross-discipline cooperation helping you to reduce schedules,simplify workflows and increase productivity.