Joint yours comprehensive?

November 23, 2016

Joint history

Virtual Manager is a single source solution that tracks and records the procurement and traceability of materials, the assembly and completion of joints, supporting documentation, the make and break process and competence of personnel to provide a complete history of each joint.   

Joint history that you need to be able to access
— From construction stage . Records of assembly, break out, reassembly, inspections and controlled tightening. Including personnel involved, equipment and procedures used. 
— Records of inspection and testing of the joint
— Records of subsequent disassembly, inspection, assembly, tightening and testing during operation and maintenance of the asset.
— Records of any modification, exceptions or deviation from standards with the joint.


The high level of data and control associated with the design assembly and ongoing maintenance of joints calls for technology driven systems that are efficient and accountable. MODS have combined experience with technology to develop a new generation of processes that reduce the manual input to deliver improved integrity and efficient work flow management.




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