Virtual Manager - an integrated collaborative environment for your organisation

July 16, 2015

VM is an integrated collaboration environment (ICE) that combines a web-based environment, advanced workflow processes, real-time reporting and design intent verification.


An ICE, in which virtual teams work, provides companies competitive advantages such as cost savings, seamless exchange of knowledge, increased productivity and transparency.


88% prefer a collaborative work-culture rather than a competitive one.  (source)



Interactive and intergrated management


Interactive management removes the lag and administrative burden associated with current processes and will significantly improve productivity.


At the heart of the system is Activity Manager, a scheduling solution that delivers structure focus and control to the management of time or resource constrained projects.


Supported by other key processes such as materials management, joint integrity, safe systems of work and barcode reporting; it empowers leadership to make informed decisions and puts the project delivery firmly in the hands of management.


Benefits of integrated and interactive work for oil and gas offshore using Virtual Manager Enterprise solution.


  • Reduced cost

  • Minimises downtime and reduces schedules

  • Critical path scheduling will apply focus to the TAR

  • Tracking materials in real-time will improve productivity

  • Enables the real-time calculation of float in the schedule

  • Improved Integrity Management

  • Visibility of impacts on the schedule

  • Enhances permit to work structure and control

  • The 3D model improves training and understanding

  • Maximises the use of resources

  • Promotes safety and mitigates risk

  • Transparency for efficient resource management

  • Drives improvement through performance feedback

  • Predictability to prioritise, plan and execute projects

  • Full traceability and accountability

  • Competitively priced for maximum ROI

  • Complete turnarounds faster, smarter and safer 




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