How MODS saved $2million in recent Gulf of Mexico project.

July 1, 2019


Recently MODS was contracted to provide support software and services as part of a shutdown in the Gulf of Mexico. The original proposed schedule was around 60 days at zero production. The TAR team was able to complete the project well within schedule – allowing over 15,000 man hours of additional scope to be completed. The estimated saving recorded by the client that MODS provided to this shutdown was approximately $2million with no fabrication rework. The modules utilised for this turnaround were: 


Material Management/Logistics 

Joint Integrity

Activity Tracker/SIMOPS 


Dimensional Control


All the material used was staged ready for fitment, which allowed for zero job stoppage time. Virtual Manager (VM) Storyboards were utilised, providing the client with an excellent communication tool for work front planning. Due to our strategy and diligent work ethic, there was a large reduction in material logistics, thus removing the need for additional material boat runs. The client recorded zero leaks on VM managed joints during start-up, through the implementation of the VM joint integrity module. Mobile technology was used for joint integrity as well as material management, allowing for an efficient work approach. 


MODS management program was used as best practice for this project. The client continues to utilise this tool as it proved critical for material management, Dimensional Control, 3D modelling/SIMOPS, and other uses. 



Material Management/Logistics:


• Detailed tracking/bar coding of materials offshore eliminated need for material coordinator

• Estimated 20% of conservative savings on materials bulk re-orders

• Better planning = efficiencies e.g. fewer boat runs, eliminating need for dedicated TAR boats in TAR and pre-TAR




Joint Integrity:


• It was found that one QA person was not required offshore for verification

• P17As were all completed automatically using handhelds

• By automating systems there was a ~5% saving in joint rework

• Ease of progress check though joint system updates



Activity Tracker/SIMOPS:


• Applied Activity Tracker which is automatically updated with information from job settings and other modules = no need to spend time updating the feature

• Up to 20hrs/week overtime saved as systems were automatically uploaded

• Scheduling tool linked to the model made work more efficient, reducing four review days down to one and a half days per shift


• SIMOPS proved invaluable in conversations for permitting and 96 hour look ahead purposes



Dimensional Control:


• An estimated 10 out of 90 TAR spools would not have fitted without DC
being performed





• Daily reports and progress tracking: automated dumps from MODS metrics into reports expedited the daily reporting

• Utilising the model and updated schedules helped Scheduler/TAR interpret data faster and identify clashes in schedule


At a glance:


Location - Gulf of Mexico

Duration - 47 Days

Man hours - 15,000

Cost saving - £2 Million






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