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June 14, 2016

Virtual Manager’s Joint integrity module works to eliminate integrity problems through an integrated and interactive visual interface, that ensures thousands of joints are controlled safely, efficiently, effectively and on schedule.


Virtual Manager provides an accountable joint integrity environment for informed decision making, helping you work towards a truly safe, efficient and intelligent asset for the future.




Frequently asked questions

Can it work without a 3D model?
Yes. By linking the joint bar code back to reference documents such as a P&ID or a fabrication isometric. 


Are site run connections managed by the system?
Yes. Site run instrument tubing or non-flanged piping connections are controlled using a handheld device and recorded on line diagrams similar to instrument

Will it improve the reporting of leaks?
Yes. The systems continuous monitoring feature reports and executes the corrective actions of leaks. The structure of the system provides a platform for analysing trends to develop a strategy for continuous improvement.

What are the training requirements?
Minimal. The handheld device is menu driven to reduce the training required for field work.


Does the system report in real-time?
Yes. Systems automatically update when the handheld device synchronises with the master database.

Will it make workflows more efficient?
Yes. Virtual Manager has an integrated job setting and scheduling process, that manages the work flow interactively. The task and activity structure mirrors the joint integrity process and updates the schedule as the check sheets are signed off.



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