Automated joint numbering system

Opportunity for using a 3D model for Joint Integrity


Using the intelligent 3D model and quick pick function the engineer can filter each line, vessel or item of equipment to select joints. When the items have been selected, the systems attaches the correct check sheet, to the joint populated with the relevant information. On completing the process, the model is colour coded to signify that the registration is complete. To define the interface joints the adjacent line, tag or equipment is added to the filter process.  Joint numbering is an automatic function which creates individual numbers and bar code reference for each joint.



When defining joints for systems that are site run, Virtual Manager uses an intelligent single line diagram (CAD Drawing) much the same as with loop diagrams. The lines are defined by the tag number and entered into the master database. When the joint has been assembled in the field, the operator attaches the bar code (A robust pipe wrap type) and scans it into the system with a hand held device; this registers the connection and brings up the joint technical data and check sheet for completion. Once the joint is registered then all the functions of Virtual Manager are available.


Although the site run piping may not be represented in the 3D design model, the filter can be used to find the location of the relevant tags associated with the lines. By initiating a search, the model will display the tag and make the history of the joints available. The alternative method of accessing the history is by simply swiping the bar code that is attached to the line.



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