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Materials Management is critical to maintain operational efficiencies and minimizing risks

Materials management is vital in the Oil and Gas industry to prevent delays. Tracking materials to support site-work is essential to achieving maximum efficiency levels.


Virtual Manager tracks materials through every stage-gate using barcode technology, inclusive of using intrinsically safe handheld devises for offshore. Delivering the right materials, to the right place, at the right time.


Material Manager tracks demolition, refurbishment, fabrication and new purchases items of material giving visibility and traceability for informed decision-making – ultimately reducing costs and increasing operational integrity.


Our Primary focus is on optimizing materials management through the use of MODS technology and eliminating the scope for human error in dealing with materials for  projects and operations.


Innovative solution
  • Barcode tracking through each stage gate

  • Master materials register, links each item to an individual job

  • Photographic aid for item recognition 

  • Weight control certificates created automatically

  • A real-time, single source of information 

  • Automatic manifest created for shipping

  • Integrated process of Virtual Manager

  • Web based access to multiple warehouses

  • Material assignment to work pack from warehouse

  • Direct link to the 3D model

  • Material management by work scope

  • Improved productivity

  • Reduced costs

  • Traceable and accountable integrity

  • Weight control management

  • Efficient management of materials onsite

  • Reduction in losses 

  • Improved scheduling

  • Better use of resources and space

  • Real-time visibility for intervention