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Proactive dimensional control provides assurance at design and fabrication to give confidence that your project scopes are completed efficiently and incident-free.

In our modern world, Dimensional Control (D.C) Technology has become best practice and has led to a transformation in the fabrication and construction industries worldwide.  

With twenty years of experience in the D.C field, MODS are in the best position to provide assurance that solutions are designed, fabricated & installed both safety and efficiently.  This will lead to minimising site hot work & site man-hours.  Ensuring all items fit the first time, every time.  

Using the latest high definition laser scanning technology and our bespoke software, allows MODS to interpret the survey data efficiently, to supply assurance of dimensional control and space management solutions.  

Benefits of MODS Dimensional Control & Laser Scanning

  • Highly precise single point surveys & point cloud databases

  • Scanned data can be modeled into 3D CAD platforms for easy review

  • Cloud-based data management 

  • Scanning units with accuracy up to 1mm

  • Volume calculations & deformation analysis of tanks, steel work and concrete structures

  • Full-colour scanning - all available to view online on any device (laptop/tablet/mobile)

  • Review design & as-built data using virtual reality technology

  • Architectural/heritage 'as-built' data capture

  • Civil engineering construction verification

  • Topographical volume calculations

MODS can easily mitigate costly mistakes by offering DC services, using the latest high definition scanning and survey equipment, with sub-millimetre accuracy.  

D.C pro-active strategies, enable detailed engineering to adjust and optimize the installation tolerances of critical items so that they can be fully fabricated and positioned to a high level of accuracy, regardless of size or location. It is a step change to help reduce costs, mitigate errors, increase safety and to improve efficiency levels to achieve targets.